EPASA Registration

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Epasa Membership

R500 per year

  • Registration of practitioners will be done according to the field of study, training, proficiency and experience, which is controlled by the executive committee.
  • Students will be offered the opportunity to register with the association as students.
  • Qualified students will be registered categorically according to their respective field of practice.
  • Registration certificates will be awarded to the qualified applicants only after Accreditation Committee Panel Interview and approval.


There are Diagnostic Practitioners, who can diagnose, write sick notes and examine a patient.

The NON Diagnostic Practitioners, are able to advise on nutrition and life style. They can not diagnose a patient or write sick notes.

Ethnomedicine Practitioner – D.Emed
Ethnopsychology Practitioner – D.EPP

Non Diagnostic
Ethnomedicine Health Advisor – EHA
Ethnopsychology Health Advisor – EPA
Traditional Health Practitioner – THP (to upgrade to Ethno Health Advisor)
Ethno Massage Therapist – EMT
Student – STU
Ethnomedicine Manufacturer / Health Shop – MNF

Registration Fees

Administration / Application Fee (non-refundable)with applicationR300
Accreditation Panel Interview Fee (non-refundable)with applicationR300
EPASA – Membership Fee – annually: DEM & EHAwith application – Pro rataR500
HEPASA – Membership Fee – annually: EPP listingwith applicationR240
Manufacturing or Health Shop – annually with application – Pro rataR1500
Subject to change **