Traditional Health Practitioner

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Traditional Health Practitioner

Traditional Health Practitioners perform a valuable service to patients in South Africa, therefore we offer registration for the THP doctor who wishes to get more exposure and become the best qualified in his field.

The EPASA registered training school offers further training for Traditional Health Practitioners who qualified elsewhere, or were chosen to receive the gift from their ancestors. It is very important to adhere to the ‘calling’ to become a healer.

Many highly educated professionals become aware that they have a ‘calling’, but often run a successful psychology, medical or engineering business, and simply can take the time away from work to live with a teacher (gobela) for a long period of  ‘thwasa’ (ukuthwasatraining.

Such practitioners find it amazing that there is an organization where they can register, with the scope of improving their knowledge or skills, and study to acquire both academic and practical experience in a safe environment.

The Traditional Health Practitioners Act makes provision for four categories of registration:

-Traditional Health Practitioner (Inyanga) (Herbalist).
-Diviner (Sangoma).
-Traditional Birth Attendant.
-Traditional Surgeon.

We usually accept the Traditional Healer for registration with EPASA, provided the applicant can produce proof of qualifications and competency from his/her teacher (Gobela). As we would like you to be the best in your field, EPASA will require some upgrade course to ensure uniformity of practice and education.

We offer comprehensive training for the first two categories mentioned above:

Herbalist: Herbs/Ethnobotany
Diviner: Divination/Trance State Therapy

The Traditional Health Practitioners Council will soon open for registration of practitioners.
One of the main requirements will be that both Herbalists and Diviners must know African Traditional Medicine and be able to identify the plants.

We have specialists in both fields, who can assist Traditional Healers who wish to further their career.

Practitioners who wish to complete further studies, may qualify to become one of the following:

Ethnomedicine Practitioner, D.Emed
Ethnopsychology Practitioner, D.Epp

Both registers open the door to having a very professional practice, using a variety of diagnostic methods, yet we respect the way of the Ancestors. Our specialist in the field of Divination / Ethnopsychology has many years of experience in Ancestral communication in a clear and concise method.

Should you wish to pursue the path of Divination, you will have the opportunity to become proficient in the discernment of spirits. Many poorly trained Sangomas become the victims of dark entities controlling them, as they have not had the opportunity to actually ‘see’ in the unseen worlds, and truly know who is guiding them.

As we pride ourselves in the quality practitioners registered with EPASA, this valuable register as Traditional Health Practitioner, THP, will be an even more sought-after achievement in future.

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Traditional Health Practitioner


STUDENT Registration

Get added to the EPASA membership register showing member in the process of higher education



You will be registered as a NON Diagnostic Practitioners, able to advise on nutrition and life style. They can not diagnose a patient or write sick notes


ETHNOMEDICINE Practitioner - D.Emed

A Diagnostic Practitioners, able to advise on nutrition and life style. May Diagnose, write out sick notes and make own medicines for patients

Approved Syllabus & Course Requirements